Tucson Street Fair Rules:
All participants must adhere to Rules and Instructions of the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association (800) 933-2477. For more information, visit the FAMA website at: All vendors are required to have insurance certificates and a City of Tucson Sales License. City sales tax is 2%. The State Sales Tax is 5.7%, required.

Check In Requirements:

  • Arrival & Set-Up – Check-in will be staged by the site manager. Considerations for Thursday check – in times will include, without limitation: (A) time required to set up, (B) amount of inventory, and (C)size of vehicles that will need access for set up . In no event will check in be earlier than 11AM Thursday, the day before thestreet fair. Booths should be completely set up by sunset Thursday. You are not authorized to set up on the property prior to this time or at any time other than per instructions from the site manager. A site manager will be available to verify your booth location and check you in. As a courtesy to the other vendors and a requirement of registration, y our booth should be open from 10am to 6pm duringeach day of the street fair, Friday- Sunday, no exceptions.
  • Access, Unloading, and Parking: You may access the property off Hoff Avenue (back of lot) or 5th Street (side of lot) for loading and unloading purposes only. You may not park in the spaces at the back of the property allocated to the building tenants. Please be courteous of other vendors who are trying to access the property for booth set up. No parking is available on site or in the lot. Public parking in surrounding the neighborhoods is available, but very limited. Please plan on unloading and then parking in off-site public parking. You may need to take the bus or taxi to and from the site to available public parking. Owner and management expressly are not responsible for parking.
  • Equipment and Materials: You are responsible for providing your own booth, equipment, materials, and supplies. Booths are 10x10, no exceptions, unless you have rented multiple booths. Owner provides booth space only.
  • Water, Restrooms, and Utilities: Water and portable restrooms usually are available nearby off-site, but expressly are not provided as part of booth rental and are not guaranteed. Utilities (including electric) expressly are not provided as part of the booth rental . Electricity is available on a limited basis for “Row D” booths only. If you need electrical hook up, please email the Administrator for more details. Because of the possibility that it may disturb other neighboring vendors (noise, smoke, exhaust and fumes), generators or other independent sources of power are not permitted, except by special arrangement made with owner at least 15 days in advance. All vendors are expected to maintain an open booth for the entire duration of the s treet f air (Friday- Sunday, 10AM-6PM, each day).

Check Out Requirements:

  • Departure & Packing – You must check out no later than 9:00 PM on Sunday . You and /or your personal propertyare not authorized to remain on the site after to this time. A site manager will be available to verify clean up and check you out.
  • Mandatory Clean Up and Check Out: You must complete clean up and check out with the site manager. All trash must be picked up and deposited in the dumpster’s provided on-site. Booth sites must be left broom clean. The site manager must inspect your booth site before you depart. Failure to comply with clean up and check out procedures will result in forfeiture of your booth rental for future street fairs.

The Arizona Department of Revenue usually checks licensing on site. Please make sure your licenses are in order. The following phone numbers may be of assistance to you:

Arizona Dept. of Revenue:  1-800-843-7196
Arizona Business Licensing Section:  520-791-4566
Arizona Liquor Licenses & Control:  520-628-6595

You may e-mail us at:, or, if you have any questions prior to, or during the fair.